Get Sales Leads Online (From Real People)

Salesconx combines the chumminess of old-school selling with the speed of the Web. Log in to, describe the leads you are looking for, and set the price you are willing to pay. Salesconx (pronounced sales-CONNEX) will send the query out to its network of 4,000 consultants. If one of them has an appropriate lead and accepts your price, he or she will respond. The average cost is about $100 per referral; Salesconx won't process the transfer of funds until you confirm that an introduction has taken place.

Find Out Who is Visiting Your Website

Demandbase lets you know when those blue-chip customers are knocking at your virtual door. Its free real-time ticker analyzes your visitors' IP addresses and compares them with information from sources such as Dun & Bradstreet and LexisNexis. With those data, Demandbase can tell you the names of the companies at which many of your visitors work. Click on a company name, and Demandbase will sell you the name and contact information for a lead at that company. Demandbase has been called the iTunes of CRM, and it's almost as affordable: The average cost per lead is just $1.80.