OK, the economy is really awful. So, maybe it's a good time to remind ourselves what's so great about the entrepreneurial life in the first place. On our Twitter page (twitter.com/incmagazine), we asked what you like most about being your own boss. Here are some of the responses:

Defining success. You set the goals, and you sit on both sides of the table at the performance review.
-- Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Real Life E

Making the sale. No better feeling than seeing an overjoyed customer. -- Kendall Schoenrock, Larger Than Life Prints

Being able to inspire others: employees, clients, investors, partners. And to do so while in flip-flops. -- Mike Mothner, Wpromote

Best part is working on me. My business is me and I am my business; there is no separating us. I can work on business from bed :) -- Veronica Castro, Entiise Lingerie

I don't have to worry about being "downsized." -- Tony Darnell, WideVision

Knowing what the "long view" really is. -- Tom Sadler, The Middle River Group

The absolute absurd amount of hustle and how much knowledge you get from it.
-- Braden Douglass, Pixel Spills Design

Calling the shots, creative freedom, managing a schedule based on my life needs, being myself and getting paid for it :) -- Valerie Parizeault, Rose Flash Studio

The ability to be creative in pursuit of a creative goal -- the best antidepressant ever. -- Jeff Carter, Unison Search

Having a goal, a purpose, an income, and a destiny that's in my own hands. -- Ian Watt, Ian Watt Real Estate

Doing a video conference wearing a suit jacket and no pants. -- Justin A. Schuck, L/A Events

No one yells at you when you take a day off. -- Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags