"Your office chair is the single most important piece of furniture you own," says Alan Hedge, director of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Laboratory at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. With that in mind, we asked Hedge to help us choose four of the best new models from top manufacturers.

The Embody

Herman Miller's new Embody chair must make the Aeron jealous. Its armrests can be moved in and out, unlike those on the Aeron. And when you move, the seat moves with you, which reduces pressure on your spine.
Warranty: 12 years.
Cost: $1,329 to $1,599

The Ride Executive

The Ride Executive by Global has a few hard-to-find features, including an adjustable headrest and arms that can be lengthened for those with long limbs. Taller users can also move the seat farther forward, to support the thighs.
Warranty: Three years for upholstery; five for parts.
Cost: $1,277 to $2,036

The Space Flex

A good budget choice, Office Star's Space Flex has all the features needed for an ergonomic chair, Hedge says. The back moves back and forth when you do, and both the armrests and the angle of the back are adjustable.
Warranty: Three years on upholstery; lifetime for some parts.
Cost: $199 to $299

The Get

The customizable Get chair by Harter is a good choice for the style-conscious, and it has ergonomic features such as an adjustable back. Armrests are optional. The back comes in three styles, and the seat can be vinyl, fabric, or leather.
Warranty: Three years for upholstery; five and up for parts.
Cost: $409 to $590