In celebration of Inc.'s 30th anniversary, we will be using this page to hear from our readers and to look at the highs and lows of the past three decades. We started with a question to 30 of our Twitter followers ( What are the best and worst parts of your day? Here are 10 of our favorite responses:

Best = Waking up as a biz owner, creating products with a purpose.
Worst = Absolutely nothing -- Life is good! -- Lisa M. Rodgers, Cactus & Ivy

The best is getting into the thick of new marketing ideas and watching as they progress. The worst is filling out the occasional spreadsheets and reports that I am 100% positive no one reads. -- Anthony Marinos, Zipcar

Best part of the workday is being able to work barefoot without interruption. Worst part of it is when it's midnight & I have to keep plugging away. -- Sandy Cathcart, Needle Rock Press & Wild Words Coaching

Best part -- all day except after lunch when it is the worst part -- needing nap time! -- JudyAnn Lorenz, Bar JD Communications

Best -- checking email in the AM for new business opportunities; worst -- needing to end the day when in the flow. -- Eric F. Shaver, Benchmark Research & Safety

The best is time with amazing people & playing w/cool tech; worst is the essentially never-ending hours! -- Ryan C. Meader, Xerces Partners

Best -- Dancing in the shower to the soundtrack of the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" station on Pandora. Worst -- 4 P.M. I'm late for a meeting, and all the cabs in New York are off duty. -- Miriam Warren, Yelp

First thing in the morning when I say hello to my team! Worst? If I realize at the end of the day that I have not recognized someone for a job well done. -- Melissa Delprete, Atrion Networking Corporation

Best part is hearing back from a satisfied customer. Worst part is waiting to hear back. -- Jerry McColgin, Insight2

Best -- when one of my staffers gets a big win, they're proud and so am I. Worst -- the little admin stuff, necessary evil. -- Abbie S. Fink, HMA Public Relations