I have been buying netbooks since the first Eee PC from Asus hit the market in France about a year ago. My wife and I now own more than a dozen of these little babies, and they are in regular use. We own the Asus 701, 901, 1000H, 1000HE, the very classy Asus S101, and three Acer Aspire Ones. Just last week we purchased two Asus 1000HEs. If you upgrade the memory to 2GB, this is easily the best value right now on the market for a business replacement laptop. I like to take my 15-inch Macintosh on the road, leave the Mac in the hotel safe, and wander around town with a netbook that has 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Andy Abramson
CEO, Comunicano
Del Mar, California

Recruiting Tools

I've seen more and more companies turning to Craigslist to post jobs. In most industries, the responses you get are from the same qualified candidates you'd get from or For entertainment or Internet-related jobs, Craigslist is usually a bust. LinkedIn has also been a great asset. One of the best success stories I've heard was a company that found its next great team player by connecting with people on Facebook and asking for recommendations on Twitter. Low cost does not have to mean attracting low-quality candidates!

Andreea Borcea
CEO, Efficient Entrepreneur
Oceanside, California

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