John O'Hurley went from playing J. Peterman on Seinfeld to co-owning the Peterman catalog business. Now, the actor has co-founded Energy-Inc., a Las Vegas company that turns solid waste into energy. In 20 years, he says, "we won't believe there was a time when we didn't use solid waste for power."...College operator Bridgepoint Education ended the drought of venture-backed IPOs when it raised $142 million in April. Even so, Bridgepoint came to market "with the wind in its face," says John E. Fitzgibbon Jr., founder of Bridgepoint slashed its share price 30 percent....Video game impresario Will Wright has left Electronic Arts to focus on Stupid Fun Club, his "entertainment think tank." "You can take things that have normal, functional uses and bring entertainment sensibilities to them -- even a toaster," says Wright....Survivor creator Mark Burnett is looking for a few good start-ups. On his new ABC reality show, Shark Tank, 50 to 75 entrepreneurs will vie for the backing of no-nonsense investors, including venture capitalist Kevin O'Leary, serial entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, and infomercial ace Kevin Harrington. Send an e-mail to decades after co-starring in Who's the Boss?, Alyssa Milano can finally say: "I am." Her first shop selling her line of women's sports-fan apparel, Touch, has opened at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. Milano, an L.A. Dodgers fan, says she got the idea when "kid sizes in pink" were all she could find to wear to the game.

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