"When my 401(k) plan reaches its prerecession value."
-- Daniel Berkon, Culmen International

"I don't have one. I plan for the worst, hope for the best, and expect nothing specific." -- Dan Price, Gravity Payments

"Dow over 10,000." -- Scott Kimball, Kimball Concepts

"12,000 DJIA." -- John Bowlsby, ChemSol

"When terms on our lines of credit revert to those similar to what were in place before the financial meltdown."
-- Lee Waters, Clear Harbor

"When purchases are based on my desires, not on solely my family's needs." -- Ben Bassi, CommonPlaces

"When California balances its budget." -- Therese Tucker, BlackLine Systems

"My wife will stop shopping -- she can't avoid the sales!"
-- Marc Lore, Diapers.com

"When our customers start paying timely like they used to!" -- Vidya Ravichandran, GlowTouch Technologies

"Wine clubs get back in style -- high-end wine clubs." -- Kevin Greaney, Children's Progress

"When people stop talking about the recession." -- Doug Leeds, StoreBoard Media

"When Twitter tells me we are." -- Nathaniel Broughton, Plus1 Marketing

"I do not foresee a recovery in the next five years, but the press will claim recovery once a week as stocks rise and fall on financial news." -- Paul Gierow, GATR Technologies

"I have no idea." -- Sean Harper, TSS-Radio