Most Difficult Moments

"Having to fire a close friend." -- Chad Monnin, Mission Essential Personnel

"Accepting outside money." -- Mont Phelps, NWN

"Making the decision to lay off employees that had been with me for some time." -- Kerry McCane, Enalasys

"Dealing with one of my leaders who failed." -- Harry M. Siegel, HMS Technologies

"We made three very bad hires that were my mistake."
-- Anik Singal, Lurn

"Being accepted as a woman executive in a man's industry." -- Christie Lee, Oil Chem Technologies

"Doing my first TV interview. Too much makeup." -- Alan Akina, 101 Financial

Best Moments

"Winning a $10 million contract with the U.S. Postal Service. Paying off $200,000 of debt." -- Daniel Sandoval, Source Technologies

"We just turned down a very generous acquisition offer." -- Jack Biltis, TAG Employer Services

"Holding a fifth-anniversary party and reflecting on everything we had accomplished since inception." -- Russ Kaulback, Ignited Discovery

"Having our best revenue month in the heart of the recession." -- David Perla, Pangea3

"Walking around in my neighborhood and seeing half a dozen kids wearing my designs!" -- Cause Haun, See Kai Run