"I saw an opportunity, and the rest was involuntary."
-- Jamin Arvig, WaterFilters.net

"No one to challenge my bar bill on the monthly expense report." -- Steve Slovick, PriceSpective

"Because I am the greatest source of my own job security." -- Chad Monnin, Mission Essential Personnel

"To have fun, build something big, and make money."
-- Shane Ireland and Quinn Salamandra, Corporate Brokers

"It was the challenge I needed in my life at that time." -- Cheryl Lang, Integrated Mortgage Solutions

"To build personal wealth." -- Fraser Burns, Ocenture

"I know it sounds corny, but we absolutely want to make meaning in the universe."
-- Keith Jezek, vAuto

"Didn't want to work for incompetents." -- Larry Anderson, Alatec

"Because I am the world's worst employee." -- Buck Robinson, Robinson Radio

"I really don't remember why I started it. It just felt like the right thing to do." -- Andy Fathollahi, Incipio Technologies

"Life is too short. I wanted to work with and for people I respect, trust, and care about." -- Jim Kilpatrick, Fortis Construction

"I get bored if there isn't a possible pot of gold at the end of the rainbow." -- Douglas Marcille, U.S. Gas & Electric

"To be responsible for my own success or failure, and to make several employees and friends millionaires." -- Jeremy Wing, Payscape Advisors

"I wanted to grow something special that would last after I am gone." -- Michael Melo, ITA International

"My old company was shut down, and it was this or go work for some big technology machine like Oracle." -- Paul Giobbi, Zumasys

"I didn't want to move to Houston." -- Bill Bathe, U.S. Energy Services