"Bill Gates, circa 1980." -- Michael Nardy, Electronic Payments

"Queen Elizabeth I, a force and an inspiration to women for all time." -- Shannon Ralston, Angel Staffing

"Oprah Winfrey." -- Heidi Ganahl, Camp Bow Wow

"My 10-year-old son, Alan. I love the way he sees the world, and what an adventure it would be to do it all over again." -- Bryan Galloway, Data Processing Services

"Justin Timberlake." -- Nathaniel Broughton, Plus1 Marketing

"Frank Lloyd Wright...but nicer." -- John Baackes, Senior Whole Health

"Angelina Jolie. Are you kidding? Money, fame, philanthropy, and Brad Pitt." -- Selina Lo, Ruckus Wireless

"Bono." -- Jon Armstrong, Adlucent

"Leonardo DiCaprio. I have no interest in acting or being in movies, but that guy has it made." -- Stephen Marsh, Smarsh

"Cleopatra." -- Lynette Damir, SwaddleDesigns

"Tiger Woods. Golf every day and make millions; yeah, I'd take that." -- Christopher Torrioni, Sensible Micro

"Ernest Hemingway (when he wasn't depressed)." -- Daniel Sandoval, Source Technologies

"Zorro." -- Gerald R. Mattys, Tactile Systems Technology

"Tough call, as you never really know what issues another person might have."
-- Catherine Lang-Cline, Portfolio Creative

"Dumb question." -- Brian Clouse, Lead Flash

"Hugh Hefner, in the early days." -- Adam Fried, Simply Canvas

"Myself with a billion dollars." -- Kenneth Purcell, iSeatz

"It's currently a tossup between Elmo and Hannah Montana." -- Brian Murphy, Loeffler Randall

"Paris Hilton." -- Rocco A. Ciavarella, RAC Enterprise

"LeBron James. He makes everyone on his team better, has tons of fun doing it, and best of all, he can dance." -- Alan Akina, 101 Financial

"I would say a mix of Donald Trump and Gandhi." -- Al Abhari, Go Internet Media

"Jeez, this survey is getting long. I would be John Galt from Atlas Shrugged." -- Russ Mann, Covario