If you have everything it takes to be a highflier except, well, a good idea, say thank you to Paul Graham. His Y Combinator, the venture capital firm we featured in our June cover story, is giving away business concepts (the broad outlines of them, at any rate). "If we have an idea, we can't wait forever, or someone else will do it," Graham says. See ycombinator.com/rfs.html for more...Facebook has acquired FriendFeed, a two-year-old Web service that displays users' updates from various social networks on one page. Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, a FriendFeed co-founder, will join Facebook...Mint.com, the online personal finance service, has raised $14 million. Some funds will be used for product development, but most will remain in the bank. "We may never take money again," says CEO Aaron Patzer...Ted Nierenberg, founder of the Scandinavian-style tableware company Dansk International Designs, has died at 86. Dansk's sleek designs helped drive the modernization of the kitchen in postwar America...The iPhone app craze has hit Sin City. Vegas showmen Penn & Teller have released a magic-trick app. We won't give away how it works, but here's a hint: Make room for the duo on your contact list. "Everything out there is either dirt dumb or too sophisticated," Penn Jillette says. "There's a real gap for people who want something just a little sophisticated."