Babies, engine noises, that talkative guy in aisle 12 -- there are plenty of airplane sounds worth drowning out. These earbuds don't block as much ambient sound as headphones; on the other hand, they won't give you that Princess Leia look.


ifrogz Earpollution D33 A trendy design and good audio quality make these earbuds an excellent buy. They come with three earpiece inserts so you can choose the best noise-dampening fit. COST: $20


JVC HA-NCX78 For half the price of other noise-canceling models, these earbuds accomplish the same goal: An audio signal counters background noise, reducing it as much as 88 percent. COST: $80


Denon AH-NC600 Like the JVC model, the Denon earbuds counter background noise by emitting an electronic signal -- but the sound quality is much better, as you would expect for the higher price. COST: $200


Shure SE530 The Shure SE530 earbuds fit so snugly in your ears, they don't need special technology to dampen noise. The sound quality is fantastic. And a mike attachment means you can press a button on a detachable control to hear the airline attendant offer a pillow. COST: $550