Ethan Zuckerman
Senior researcher
the Berkman Center, Harvard

Zuckerman, who helped found Tripod, now runs Global Voices, a network of bloggers in developing countries. So he is attuned to what's happening in places ignored by most. "If you're reading the same blogs as everybody, you'll see the same opportunities," he says. "But if you're reading the blogs from the guys making films in Nigeria" -- a topic he covers regularly -- "you're going to get a slew of new ideas."

From "Africa's a continent. Not a crisis"

"Africa's not an issue. It's not a cause or a problem. It's a continent...To actually accomplish the goal of [eliminating] poverty in Africa, Americans and Europeans have to get a great deal smarter about this other Africa. This Africa needs investment and trade, rather than just aid and debt forgiveness. This Africa is open for business."