A conversation with Jim Collines, author of Good to great and Built to Last, about what's coming down the road for entrepreneurs. (Short version: You're going to have to be very smart.)

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The original young gun of high tech--Atari was his calling card--wants back in. He's working hard on it. And in the meantime, he will tell you about the future.

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Great Moments, 1979-2009

The key turning points that defined the entrepreneurial revolution.


The Greatest Entrepreneurs of the Past 30 Years

We asked: Who are the most interesting entrepreneurs of the past three decades? Here are 30 answers.

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The Best of Inc. Magazine

Over the years, Inc. has profiled hundreds of the world's most fascinating entrepreneurs. Here are 30 of our favorites.

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The 30 Smartest Business Moves

From Inc.'s archives, inspiring examples of innovative thinking.

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The Business Owner's Bookshelf

30 business books every entrepreneur should curl up with.

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The Inc. Scavenger Hunt

This drawing contains 30 hidden clues that represent the names of some of the greatest entrepreneurial ventures of the past three decades. How many can you find?

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