Mark Dwight founded Rickshaw Bagworks in San Francisco in 2007, two years after selling his previous bag company, Timbuk2, to a private equity firm for $22.5 million. Rickshaw, which uses recycled plastic water bottles and lean manufacturing principles to make its stylish messenger bags, caters to urban bicyclists. It's no surprise that Dwight's favorite things revolve around biking and design.


"Wherever I go, my bike is my preferred mode of transportation. Almost every day, I ride three miles from my house in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood to my office in the Dogpatch district and back. This single-speed model was handcrafted by Soulcraft, a custom bike company in Petaluma, California. Its orange steel frame evokes old-school craftsmanship, a value we also strive for at Rickshaw."
COST: $3,500


"I've been using the Moleskine brand for a long time. I'm now on my 17th Rickshaw journal. (I number them and keep them on a bookshelf.) They are filled with design work and tag lines for our products. I work everything out in the book; generally when I'm writing, it's just a continuous stream. Sometimes, I will look at past journals and consider using designs I had forgotten about for a new product."
COST: $15.95