I get almost as much done outside of normal office hours as during them. I'll interview people on Saturdays, late at night, early in the morning. Those are perfectly reasonable times to expect someone who is a rock star to be on top of his or her game and excited. If I'm trying to solve a particularly difficult problem, I'll come in on the weekend, when there's less going on, and spend a day focusing on it. I read technology manuals and watch video tutorials late at night. The videos are great for the last half-hour before I go to sleep, when I'm a little bit spent and it's harder to absorb the data. During start-up, I think you have the choice of being productive or having a social life, and I've chosen being productive. But I go to bed early. Without eight hours of sleep, I'm a wreck.

Seth Priebatsch is CEO of SCVNGR, a Boston-based start-up that helps organizations engage people through location-based smartphone games.