Offering coupons through Groupon can help you reach thousands of new customers, but if you are not careful, the experience may become costly or overwhelming. Here are four tips for using the service successfully.

Do the math. It's typical for companies to offer discounts of 50 percent or more to Groupon customers. Then Groupon takes about half of what you make from the offer. Can you afford to sell a product or service at such a large discount? If so, it may be worth it to get new customers in the door.

Set a cutoff. Your Groupon offer may lead to more customers than you can handle. When working with Groupon, be sure to specify the maximum number of coupons you want to sell.

Be careful with your contact information. If you give a phone number in your Groupon offer, you may be inundated with calls. An online reservation system can help.

Use discounts sparingly. Offering coupons too often may prompt customers to shop only when they have one.