A Road Warrior's Tool Kit

My great-uncle's Bible "This was passed down to me from my grandmother. I read the Bible. I also carry an electronic version on my Kindle."

A Road Warrior's Tool Kit Tums "I suffer from acid reflux. It's the stress of a start-up, the stress of travel."

A Road Warrior's Tool Kit Yo-yo "It gives me something to do with my hands. I get weird looks from TSA people when I'm playing with it outside a flight. I also play with it before meetings. It's that or smoking."

A Road Warrior's Tool KitCarabiner "It's called a quickdraw, and it's useful for hooking things together, like my briefcase to my overnight bag. I put it in my briefcase one day, and it's been there for two years."

A Road Warrior's Tool KitPrayer beads "I got these Buddhist prayer beads from a friend in Japan, where we do a lot of business. It's a relaxation thing. I used to carry a rosary, but it broke. These are more durable."