No. 1 in Health

Physicians' Pharmaceutical
9,307.2% Three-Year Growth
Revenue: $8.7 Million
Employees: 10
CEO: Christopher Jaffurs
Founded: 2005
Overall RANK: No. 15
Knoxville, Tenn.

Physicians' Pharmaceutical helps doctors' offices set up and manage in-house pharmacy and dispensary counters. It was once common for doctors to fill the prescriptions they wrote, but the practice fell out of favor with the proliferation of drugstores. It has started making a comeback in recent years for physicians seeking additional revenue and a better way to monitor patients. Physicians' Pharmaceutical buys generic and brand-name prescription medications wholesale and sends seven to 10 days' worth at a time to each doctor's office. Doctors pay a subscription and maintenance fee to license the company's software, which makes insurance claims instantaneous—just like in a drugstore pharmacy.