No. 1 in IT Services

11,207.6% Three-Year Growth
Revenue: $19.1 Million
Employees: 100
CEO: David Friend
Founded: 2005
Overall RANK: No. 9

David Friend had observed that everyone with a PC had purchased, or obtained in a bundle with their computer, antivirus software. As more information moved into the cloud and the cost of digital storage dipped, Friend, who had founded four tech companies, decided to try to do for personal computer backup what Norton had done for antivirus protection: make it simple, inexpensive, and ubiquitous. With Jeff Flowers, who had been his co-founder and chief technology officer on three previous ventures, Friend founded Carbonite, the first company to sell unlimited online backup space. 'Compared to anything else I've ever done, this is the biggest market,' Friend said. 'We launched the service, and, literally on Day One, people started signing up.'