No. 1 in Manufacturing

InterGroup International
1,285.2% Three-Year Growth
Revenue: $3.2 Million
Employees: 25
CEO: Neil Gloger
Founded: 2005
Overall RANK: No. 239
Warren, Ohio

In December 2007, a fire broke out at one of InterGroup International's warehouses. The facility was filled with plastic scraps; InterGroup buys plastic from vendors, recycles it, and then sells the product to compounders. It took three days and an environmental contractor to put out the flames. The damage was catastrophic: The 40,000-square-foot building, and every single plastic product inside, was destroyed. InterGroup, however, was not. 'I'm proud to say that during that experience, we didn't miss one pickup,' says founder and CEO Neil Gloger. 'We had to reroute deliveries, but we didn't turn a single truck away. I told my employees, ‘Now, we're just going to have to work a little harder.' Once that decision was made, it supercharged our growth and made us even more focused and determined.'