No. 1 in Retail

17,191% Three-Year Growth
Revenue: $15.6 Million
Employees: 100
CEO: Eric Koger
Founded: 2002
Overall RANK: No. 2

Just before starting college in 2002, Eric Koger convinced his girlfriend, Susan Gregg, to set up a site to sell her collection of vintage clothes. That site, ModCloth, now draws close to two million visitors a month and recently landed $19.8 million in funding from Accel Partners. Koger, who designed websites in high school, initially provided tech support for ModCloth, while Gregg handled sales. In 2005, they decided to turn their hobby into a full-fledged business by selling items from independent designers, and, in 2006, after graduating from Carnegie Mellon, they married. Koger now leads ModCloth's operations and technology strategy, including the development of online contests that gauge the demand for new products, while his wife (now Susan Gregg Koger) remains the company's creative muse. 'We have a left-brain, right-brain kind of deal,' he says.