Just a Suggestion

Volusion built its forum from scratch, but several companies offer similar tools that let customers submit feedback and vote on suggestions. Although all of these services offer some basic features for free, they typically require business owners to pony up for paid versions in order to moderate customer comments and integrate the tools into their company websites.

Get Satisfaction
$19 to $289 a month
With Get Satisfaction, customers can report problems, ask questions, submit ideas, and offer compliments. The most popular package for small businesses, priced at $89 a month, includes design customization and an analytics dashboard that tracks stats such as the most active users.

$15 to $99 a month
IdeaScale's platform allows customers to submit and edit one another's ideas in a wiki-style format. With the $99-a-month package, companies can award badges to users who submit the most ideas.

$19 to $589 a month
To make sure that a few customers aren't dominating the forum, UserVoice limits customers to 10 votes each. A company that requires its customers to log in to its website should spring for the bronze package, at $89 a month, which works with existing log-in systems.

$15 to $59 a month
When customers enter suggestions on UserEcho's forum, the software automatically searches for similar suggestions to cut down on duplicates. UserEcho's $59-a-month package supports several languages, including Russian and German.