Still using the mouse that came with your desktop computer? If so, it may be time for an upgrade. We tested three sleek new mice with innovative features to see if they deserve a spot on your desk.

Microsoft Arc Touch

We loved the sculptural design of this wireless mouse, which is sensitive enough to work on marble. You can scroll up and down a webpage by sliding your finger over a sensor, but we felt more comfortable moving the whole mouse. The mouse connects to a computer using a USB adapter.
COST: $69.95

Apple Magic Mouse

The most precise mouse in our test group, this wireless device has a highly responsive Multi-Touch surface that lets you scroll through a website or flip through photos with the swipe of a finger. Unlike the other devices here, it uses a Bluetooth connection, making it ideal for netbooks with just one USB port.
COST: $69

Smartfish ErgoMotion Laser Mouse

The wireless Ergo sits on a plastic stand that pivots to help reduce stress on your wrist and fingers. During our test, however, the device was difficult to use. We overshot some dialogue boxes and had a hard time working in a spreadsheet and browsing the Web. The device's plastic casing also felt a bit flimsy.
COST: $50