Lori Greiner designed her first earring organizer in 1996. Today, her company, For Your Ease Only, sells some 250 bags, organizers, and gadgets intended to make life more orderly. Greiner, who has her own QVC show, derives most of her product ideas from her everyday experiences. Here are two of her favorite things.

"I sketch a lot of my ideas. This wireless pen allows me to capture my ideas digitally wherever I am. I simply attach a receiver to a pad of ordinary paper and make notes or sketches. The pen captures all the information, which I can upload to my computer with the included USB cord. Then, I can make edits and changes and share the document with other people. The pen can also translate notes into several languages, which is helpful when I correspond with colleagues overseas."
COST: $98.50

Chimes of Olympos by Woodstock Chimes
"I have several wind chimes in all shapes and sizes. I hang them on our balcony in downtown Chicago. I like to have a mixture of chimes, because some have a soft sound and others produce a louder, more Gregorian sound. I find the chimes both beautiful and peaceful. They're a nice surprise at different points of the day. When I'm in the kitchen or working in my home office, a gust of wind will blow past and I'll hear the music."
COST: $76.95