Two years ago, a friend of Micki Krimmel's invited her to an L.A. Derby Dolls roller derby competition and encouraged her to try out. Krimmel, founder and CEO of Los Angeles-based, an online service that helps people borrow, lend, and rent items, was hooked immediately. She joined the Derby Dolls's "fresh meat" squad of rookie skaters and was soon drafted by the Varsity Brawlers, one of the league's regional teams. Krimmel, who skates under the name Mickispeedia, practices with the Brawlers two to five times a week and competes roughly seven times a year. One of the best parts of the sport, she says, is being surrounded by strong, diverse women. "That community has become really important to me," she says.

Rough and ready
Krimmel is shown here competing for the Varsity Brawlers. She also skates with the After Shockers, the Derby Dolls's all-star team. This year, she hopes to join the league's national division.

Breaking away
Krimmel plays the position of jammer, meaning she must break through the pack, race ahead to rejoin the back of the pack, and jam through. She scores a point for each opponent she passes. In this game, she was ejected in the second half after racking up too many penalties, and her team lost, 100 to 98.