Imagine that it's three or five or 10 years from now, and answer these questions about your company. This list is far from complete, but it will help you get started crafting a vision.

1. How big is your business?

2. Assess the factors by which you will measure your success (be as specific as possible).

a. Relative rank in your industry
b. Financial success for the organization
c. Personal financial success
d. Product or service quality
e. Contribution to the community

3. What are your most important product lines or services?

4. What products or services do you refuse to offer?

5. Describe how the shopping experience at your business takes place. What makes that experience unique?

6. Who are your customers? How do you find them?

7. If your customers were asked to list three noteworthy things about your business, what would they be?

8. How would you describe your management style? (Participative? Top down? Family style?)

9. What kind of people do you hire as managers?

10. What is your relationship with your employees? What do they say about their jobs?

11. What do you do every day? How much do you work?

12. How does your community view your business?

13. What do your suppliers say about you?

14. What do industry experts say about you?