We've all seen futuristic gadgets in movies and TV shows and wished we had one. These entrepreneurs have gone a step further, developing real-lifeversions of Hollywood fantasies, including James Bond's underwater car, Batman's grappling hook, and Professor John Robinson's jetpack from Lost in Space.


Martin Aircraft founder Glenn Martin was inspired to build a jetpack afterwatching Lost in Space as a child. Read More

NeuroSky is developing ways for people to communicate using only their thoughts, kind of like the aliens in the upcoming sci-fi movie Battle: Los Angeles. Read More

After serving as a science adviser on Minority Report, John Underkoffler set out to make a real version of the gesture interface he mocked up for the movie. Read More

Batman served as inspiration for Nathan Ball, the creator of the Atlas Power Ascender. Read More

The InSight VM by AOptix is much more advanced than the iris recognition device in The Simpsons Movie. Read More

Vocera is outfitting hospital workers with personal communicators like the ones used by Captain Kirk and his crew. Read More

Inspired by James Bond's amphibious vehicle in The Spy Who Loved Me, Frank Rinderknecht created a car that drives underwater. Read More