Gina Stern knows airports better than most people. Stern is the founder of d_parture Spa, a day spa in New Jersey's Newark Liberty International Airport that offers services such as haircuts and massages. Stern is preparing to open six more locations in airports nationwide. Here are two things she never travels without.

Pocketflops by floc design

"These flip-flops have many lives. They fold up and fit in a small travel pouch, so when I'm traveling, I always keep them in my carry-on bag. I wear them to the airport just for getting through Security, then put on my regular shoes once I reach the gate. The flip-flops are also great when I want to get more comfortable on the plane, especially when my flight is delayed. When I'm on vacation and I go out for a night of dancing, I always put them in my purse in case I want to take off my heels." Cost: $22

sprayology stress relief spray

"I love Sprayology's line of homeopathic oral sprays, several of which are great for travel. I keep them in my purse at all times. My go-to spray is Stress Relief, which contains ingredients such as passionflower and valerian. It does wonders for me when I'm running around. TravelEase features ingredients such as tobacco (purported to treat dryness of the mouth and nose) and Indian berry (to reduce drowsiness). I also use the Cold + Flu Relief spray to ease cold symptoms on the road." Cost: $24

Stern's airport survival tips:

Skip the food court
Avoid fast food at the airport, and eat at real restaurants instead. I love Vino Volo, a tapas restaurant with several locations, including Dulles airport in D.C."

Book a room
If I have a long layover, I often check-in to the airport hotel to relax. The Hyatt in the Orlando airport has nice rooms and affordable day rates."