Most Web browsers include bare-bones tools for managing bookmarks and surfing the Web. These browser plug-ins can help you get more out of your online time.

Compatible with most browsers, Diigo lets you bookmark webpages, highlight text, and make annotations using buttons on your browser's toolbar. You can save the links to your library on and access them from any computer. Cost: Free for a basic version; $20 a year and up for advanced versions

Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang, which works with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, lets you compose messages in Gmail and schedule them to be sent at a specific time. You can also flag incoming messages to have them reappear later—the day before a meeting, say. Cost: Free

Wordtracker Link Builder
This Mozilla Firefox plug-in helps you determine which Web links could generate the most traffic to your site. After you install the plug-in and add the Link Builder icon to your browser's toolbar, you can visit the site you want to analyze and click the icon to save the URL in your "link stash." Then, you can log on to Link Builder to see how many domains are linking to the site. Cost: $59 a month