Andy Dunn co-founded Bonobos in 2007 with a simple goal: to design better-fitting pants for men. Last year, the online clothing retailer racked up roughly $8 million in sales. Based in New York City, Dunn travels several times a month. Here are two things he brings along.

The New Yorker
"I always open up my laptop to do work once the plane hits 10,000 feet. But there are still 10 or 20 minutes to kill during takeoff and landing. It's hard to dig into a book, because I can only get through a few pages, and reading hard news can be depressing. So, I started subscribing to The New Yorker about a year ago. I can get through a 12-page story by the time we reach cruising altitude. I usually wind up learning something new. It makes me a little bit smarter." Cost: $40 for one year (47 issues)

American Apparel Dov's Hoody
"I love this American Apparel hoody in navy blue. As a standalone piece, it isn't too exciting. But if I'm traveling somewhere cold, I'll wear it under a casual blazer that has a little bit of stretch and pockets deep enough for my wallet, passport, and boarding pass. I call that look The Ben Affleck, because it reminds me of his style. This hoody matches everything, and the French terry material is supercomfortable. I usually pair it with a gray blazer." Cost: $51

Dunn's Travel Tips

Plug In
"On flights I take a lot, I figure out which rows on the plane have power outlets. I try to book a seat in one of those rows so I can plug in my laptop."

Skip the Roller Bag
"I always travel with a duffel bag. That way, if the overhead bins are full when I get on a plane, I can squeeze in the bag rather than checking it."