As employment slowly begins to recover, we thought it would be interesting to see what's been happening in the labor market—to find out what people are being paid now and assess the effect that the recession has had on the nation's paychecks. View Graph

Location counts for a lot when it comes to setting compensation. This map shows median cash compensation for three executive positions (CEO, CFO, and CIO) and three other jobs found at most businesses (customer service rep., database administrator, and human resources director) in 14 cities. We've also noted where you'll find the highest salaries for each of those positions. View Map

Do you ever wonder what people in other industries make? Here you'll find median compensation levels for 10 positions at companies with 250 or fewer employees in eight industry sectors. View Chart

For most C-level positions, salaries rise as a company's work force increases in size. But that's not the case outside executive suites. View Graphs