Increase in dollar amount of angel investments in 2010: 14% (from $17.6 billion to $20.1 billion)


Increase in the number of companies that received angel investments: 8.2% (from 57,200 to 61,900)

University of New Hampshire Center for Venture Research


Percentage of Americans age 16 to 24 with summer jobs in 2010: 48.9 (lowest since record keeping began in 1948 and the first time ever below 50 percent)

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Share of businesses that have a company blog: 65% (up from 48% in 2009)


business costs

Share of U.S. CFOs who cite employee benefits as the business cost about which they are most concerned: 75%

Grant Thornton

the workplace

Share of employees who say they learn more about their jobs from co-workers than from bosses: 67%

Leadership IQ

work-life balance

Portion of small-business owners and managers who frequently work


more than 80 hours
per week: 13%


during holidays:31%


more than 40 hours
per week: 43%


while eating dinner: 15%

Staples Small Business Survey


Portion of large banks that have eased approval standards for commercial and industrial loans

home office

To small companies*: 10.3%
*Less than $50 million in revenue


office building

To all other companies: 18.8%

The Federal Reserve Board


Circle infographic

Portion of U.S employees working at

companies that are more than 20 years old: 64%

companies less than six years old: 13%

U.S. Census Bureau


Percentage of small-business owners who plan to hire full-time or part-time staff this year: 35 (up 9% from 2010)

American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor

Average number of yearsemployees had worked for their current employer in 2010: 4.4 (up from 3.5 in 2000)

Bureau of Labor Statistics