time off

Average number of vacation days employees receive annually: U.S.A.:13 Japan:15 France:38 Germany:27 Australia:19

Portion of Americans who typically don't use all of their vacation days: 34%

Average number of vacation days per U.S. employee that go unused: 3



Amount spent shopping online in the first quarter of 2011: $38 billion
(up 12 percent from the previous year)

Share of online orders that include free shipping: 47%

Portion of customers who say they are at least somewhat likely to cancel their order if free shipping isn't offered: 61%


pet peeves

Employee personal habits that business owners find most annoying:


office supplies

Amount of paper used in U.S. offices each year, in tons: 4 million

Number of sheets used by the average worker each year: 10,000

Environmental Protection Agency