When Luke Roopra launched Vertiglo, a Web design and software development firm, more than a decade ago, he had to be creative to land large customers. One of Roopra's first big clients was Disney World, which is located near Vertiglo's headquarters in Orlando. To get an in with the theme park, Roopra hired a group of young people who worked as cast members at Disney World to be his part-time interns. They helped introduce him to the right people in Disney World's marketing department. At the time, Roopra, who has a computer-science degree, developed online tools for the theme park himself. Last year, Roopra's employees designed nearly 2,000 websites and created more than 100 mobile applications for clients. In January, Vertiglo began working on a mobile app for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that will let veterans conduct video chats with their doctors.