Most car speakerphones require you to dial numbers on your phone to make a call. The Jabra Freeway, a 5-ounce Bluetooth speakerphone that clips to a car visor, lets you place, answer, and ignore calls by speaking a command, such as "Call office." The phone, which can connect with up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, announces the name of incoming callers. It has buttons for controlling volume, enabling voice control, and playing FM music from your car stereo. You can also use a voice command to play music from your phone or a Bluetooth MP3 player. The Freeway responded quickly and accurately to voice commands during our tests in a quiet car and a noisy office cubicle. Call quality was so-so: We sounded clear to callers on the other end, but their voices sounded a bit distorted at times. On the upside, the speakerphone lasts for 14 hours of talk time on a full charge. Cost: $129