Bare-bones note-taking apps are fine for making grocery lists. But for business, you need something more robust. Here are three souped-up options for a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Note Taker HD
This iPad app lets you input text by typing with your finger or a stylus and choose from a variety of fonts, colors, and sizes. You can attach PDFs and photos to notes and organize everything into folders, which you can search by keywords and hash tags. You can also e-mail notes. Cost: $5


Extensive Notes
You can create notes, record audio memos, and take photos and videos using this Android app. You can also attach files to notes and save them in searchable folders. The app syncs with Google Calendar, so you can turn notes into calendar events. You can also tag notes with your location and share them via e-mail. Cost: Free


Available for most mobile devices, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, this app lets you create notes, take snapshots, and record voice memos. You can attach files to notes and organize them in searchable folders. Unlike the other apps here, Evernote syncs to an account that you can access online. Cost: Free