Share of small-business owners who plan to retire before 65: 25%

Portion who don't plan to ever retire: 17%

After retirement, small-business owners
would like to:

Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute

Work-Life Balance

Portion of employees who say they would lose their jobs if they adopted more flexible work schedules: 16%
(down from 28% in 2006)

When conflicts arise between work and family, employees typically blame:

2011 Work+Life Fit Survey; Elizabeth Poposki, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Global E-commerce

Portion of the world's Internet users who are Americans... 1996: 66% 2010: 14%

Amount spent in 2010 on American e-commerce sites by customers outside the U.S.: $10.1 billion

Increase in the number of Internet users in 2010, compared with 2009:


Social Media

Share of small-business owners who say social media is important to their businesses: 66%

On average, the portion of a company's Facebook fans who read its status updates per day: 7.5%

Social Media Examiner; PageLever