My company makes location intelligence software for businesses, so I'm very much a technology guy. A couple of years ago, I started tinkering with Roambi, a Web-based service that turns spreadsheet data into interactive files for iPhones and iPads. I've been using it ever since.

We have a lot of product offerings, so I used Roambi to create a streamlined price list I can pull up on my iPhone during meetings with prospective clients, even without an Internet connection. To create the list, I uploaded my Salesforce pricing spreadsheets to the Roambi website, chose a template, and hit a button to publish it to my phone. When I show the list to clients, it appears as white text on a black background. I can scroll up and down with my finger and tap on different items for more detailed information.

I also use Roambi to turn time sheets on Google Docs into colorful pie charts. The charts, which Roambi updates automatically, make it easy to track how many contractors have worked for us in the past two weeks and how many hours they've logged.

I pay a total of about $400 a year for four Roambi Pro accounts for me and my employees. That lets us share files. Now we always have important data at our fingertips.