As a model, Keith Britton saw a need for a go-to source of information about people and companies in the fashion world. In 2008, he left the runway and co-founded My Fashion Database, an IMDb-style site that has 70,000 profiles. Britton, based in Los Angeles, flies to New York twice a month. Here are two things he brings along.

Action Cahier notebook

The Action Method is about breaking down projects into manageable steps. The online platform lets you organize projects into action steps, reference material, and items for the back burner. My online account syncs with an iPhone app, which keeps me organized on the go. During client meetings, I take notes in a small Action Method notebook instead of typing on my phone, which might seem rude. Cost: $99 a year for an Action Method Pro subscription and $7 for two Cahier notebooks

Kris HL Jacket by Theory

Before I started my company, I wore T-shirts and cargo shorts most days. Since then, I've adopted a business-casual style. I love this gray Theory jacket. I never know when I'll need to dress up, so it's clutch to have. For a dressier look, I'll pair it with a dark James Perse T-shirt and nice jeans. Or, for a casual style, I'll roll up the sleeves and wear it with a white T-shirt. When I fly, I usually wear the jacket on the plane or carry it in a garment bag that folds over and clips on to my backpack. Cost: $525

Britton's travel tips:

Get comfortable. Since I stay in New York so often, I joined Soho House, a private club and hotel with a cozy library and lounges for doing work. It feels like a home away from home.

Fly wisely. I have a hard time sleeping on planes, so I always take the first flight in the morning, instead of the redeye. By the time we lift off, I'm alert and ready to work on my laptop.