Tablet computers can be great for making Skype calls, watching movies, and listening to music, especially during business trips. But the right headset is key. We tested these three models, which also work with most smartphones, on an iPad 2. 

Sennheiser Circle SC 230

The Circle's noise-canceling microphone did a good job of cutting out background noise during Skype calls. Our voice sounded clearer to the person on the other end than on other headsets. Music and movies sounded crisp as well, but because we were testing a half-headphone model, the audio was in mono, not stereo. (You can also buy a dual-headphone version.) The 6.4-ounce headset, which fit comfortably, connects to a tablet using a 3.5 mm cable or USB cable. Cost: $104

Plantronics Voyager Pro HD

Skype calls sounded loud and clear on this 0.6-ounce mono headset, which fit comfortably over one ear. That said, background noise was a problem for us, and we sounded a bit squeaky and distorted to those on the other end. Music and movies sounded average. One cool feature: The Voyager Pro, which can connect to a tablet over Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away, turns on automatically when you place it on your ear. The headset's battery lasts six hours, shorter than the eight-hour battery life of many tablets. Cost: $99

Logitech Wireless Headset

Like the Voyager Pro, this 11-ounce headset can connect to a tablet over Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away. Songs and movies sounded crisp on the stereo headphones, and Skype calls came in loud and clear. But the person we called said our voice sounded distorted at times. The headset's soft earphones felt comfortable, even after several hours of use. We also liked the flexible, foldout microphone boom. The headset lasts about six hours on a full charge. Cost: $70

Before you buy: If you're a frequent traveler, consider using a wired headset because it doesn't require charging.