On a cold day, removing your gloves to use a smartphone can be a drag. Now, you can buy gloves made with material that lets you tap and swipe, while staying warm. We tested three pairs on an Android phone to see how they stack up. 

Agloves Sport

3 stars (of 3)

The most touch-friendly offering in our test group, these unisex knit gloves are made with acrylic and spandex, with conductive silver thread woven throughout. Stylewise, the stretchy gloves are better suited for a weekend outing than a business meeting. But dialing phone numbers and scrolling through photos, Google Maps, and stories on the New York Times's app were a breeze. Even better, the lack of bulky seams on the fingertips made it easy to type text messages and e-mails. Available in black with silver flecks. COST: $23.99

Grandoe Sensor Touch

2 stars (of 3)

Touch-friendly nanotechnology is tanned right into these sheepskin gloves. As with the Agloves, each finger is touch friendly. During our test, we easily dialed phone numbers, read e-mails, scrolled through New York Times stories, and zoomed in and out on Google Maps locations. But the stiff seams on the fingertips of the gloves made typing e-mails and text messages tricky. Available in black, in both men's and women's sizes. COST: $75 to $125

Kombi 4-Way Stretch gloves with Grip

1 star (of 3)

A sporty option, these polyester gloves have a fleece lining and cuff, a sticky palm grip, and conductive fabric on the tips of the index finger and thumb. The conductive fingertips worked well when making phone calls and scrolling through e-mails, maps, and news stories. As with the Grandoe gloves, however, the seams made typing difficult. Also, we disliked being limited to just two fingers on each hand. Available in a variety of colors, in men's, women's, and unisex sizes. COST: $34