The U.S. has strict laws prohibiting businesses from playing unlicensed music in stores, restaurants, or even office lobbies. These new services give companies access to a wide selection of fully licensed tunes.

Pandora for Business

After registering for this service, you will receive a DMX ProFusion iS media player, which connects to broadband using an Ethernet cable and has a display that shows song titles, artists, and stations. Using Pandora's Thumbs-up and Thumbs-down buttons, you can indicate which songs you like and don't like, which helps customize your playlist. You can also log on to your Pandora account online to tailor selections.

COST: $24.95 a month for the Pandora subscription, plus $100 for the player

Grace Digital audio Business Music System

Grace Digital's Wi-Fi radio plays music provided by SiriusXM Internet Music for Business, which offers 30 channels of interruption-free music tailored for commercial use, along with about 40 other channels. You can hook up the radio to your phone system, as well as your audio system. The radio, which connects to broadband using an Ethernet cable or wireless router, has buttons for five preset channels and a digital display.

COST: $199 for the radio and $34.95 a month for a subscription to SiriusXM Internet Music for Business