Once geared toward consumers, cloud-based services for storing and syncing files are now targeting business users. Here's the skinny on two of them.

Dropbox for Teams

Like the original Dropbox, this service lets you place documents in a folder on your desktop and access them on the Dropbox site, mobile devices, and other computers linked to your account. It also offers business-friendly features, including centralized billing for multiple accounts and the ability to add and delete users. Another plus: You can store unlimited versions of files.

Cost: $795 a year for five users and 1,000GB of storage.


A good option for Google Docs loyalists, Insync downloads Google Docs files to a folder on your desktop so you can work on them in Microsoft Office and other programs. You can upload files to Google by dropping them in the folder. When you make changes to the files, the service updates the Google Docs version. You can also access files on other computers linked to your account and on the Insync site. The service does not have a mobile app.

Cost: Insync's service is free; Google Docs is free up to 1GB of storage, then starts at $5 a year for 20GB of storage.