When Brit Morin left Google last year to start her own business, the tech world took notice. In November, she launched HelloBrit, a lifestyle website that serves up a variety of content, including DIY tips, recipes, and software reviews. Now, Morin's San Francisco company, Brit, is preparing to launch Weduary, a social networking app for weddings, along with a line of consumer products. Here are three of her favorite things.

27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display

During the day, I constantly jump back and forth between websites and computer programs. This large display makes it easier to multitask. It's great for holding videoconferences using the built-in webcam and Apple's FaceTime application. I also like to keep pictures of friends and family open in the background. It's nice to see little reminders of the other parts of my life while I'm working. cost: $999

Wintercheck Factory Julian Pocket Scarf

Many women love purses, but I don't. I tend to leave them behind in various places, and I don't like carrying all that bulk on my shoulder. That's why this pocket scarf is one of my favorite accessories. It has two zippered compartments that can hold my lip gloss, gum, keys, sunglasses, wallet, and cell phone. No one ever realizes that I have so much stuff inside it. It's made of lightweight flannel, so I can wear it most of the year. cost: $32

Fitbit Ultra

I'm always looking for ways to stay healthy despite my busy schedule. I set a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day and use this motion-sensing gadget, which I clip to my clothing, to track my progress. My stats automatically upload to my Fitbit.com account when the device is within 15 feet of the base station plugged into my computer. At the end of the day, I can go online or on my Fitbit iPhone app to see how many steps I've taken. I can also see how many hills or steps I've climbed, which comes in handy in San Francisco. cost: $99.95

Brit's Tips


I made a jump rope by cutting off the ends of two old power cables and binding them with electrical tape. I pack it when I travel so I can exercise in my hotel room.

Keep it clean

To keep my workspace tidy, I clamp power cords to the edge of my desk using binder clips. The clips also work for keeping necklaces untangled.