With airlines charging domestic fliers around $100 for bags of 71 pounds or more, some luggage-shipping services are cutting prices to compete. Here are three to consider.

Luggage Free

With 48 hours' notice, Luggage Free will pick up your bag, wrap it in plastic, and ship it to destinations in 139 countries. You can track it online or get an e-mail or text message when it arrives.
$225 for three-business-day domestic delivery of a 75-pound bag; $394 for three-day delivery to Paris

Luggage Forward

Ship bags or oversize items such as golf clubs and skis to more than 180 countries, with same-day pickup available. You can track luggage online or get a call or e-mail when it arrives.
$189 for a 75-pound bag or $89 for a golf bag, with three-day domestic delivery. $352 for two-to-four-day delivery of a 75-pound bag to the U.K.

Luggage Concierge

With three days' pickup notice for domestic trips, you can have bags or oversize items sent anywhere in the country; with 10 days' notice, you can have luggage sent to most countries. You can't track luggage online, but you can get an e-mail, text, or call when it arrives.
$87 to $140 for a 75-pound bag with three-day domestic delivery; $85 for a golf bag. Three-day international delivery of a 75-pound bag is $454.