Need a ride in style? Check out these three apps that promise to get the job done, fast. 


Open the app (like the others, it works with Android phones or iPhones); say where and when you want to go, with how many people; and select from a list of prescreened car services, with customer ratings and reviews. can get you vehicles up to bus size in major travel markets in 80 countries with one or two hours' notice. It guarantees the best prices available online; bookings can be up to 40 percent cheaper than those made with a limo service directly.

2. GroundLink

Unlike, GroundLink manages the ride from start to finish. With a credit card, you can book using the smartphone app or the website, or by calling customer service. The service operates in most U.S. cities and 110 countries and generally requires an hour's notice. GroundLink tracks your car on its way to the pickup, and if it appears to be late, the company will send a closer car. In New York City, you can get immediate pickup and watch your approaching car on a map.

3. Uber

Download the app, sign up with a credit card, and order a car in New York City; Boston; Chicago; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seattle; Toronto; or Paris. Average pickup time is just five minutes. You are billed the fare, taxes, and gratuity on arrival. Rides run about 50 percent more than in a taxi.