Grant Stanley, CEO of Contemporary Analysis Omaha: My company performs predictive analytics for businesses and other organizations, so we do a lot of client presentations. I was looking for a way to present complex reports on my iPad while clients followed along on theirs, and one of my Twitter followers recommended Idea Flight, an app that lets me remotely control up to 30 iPads over the same wireless network.

Idea Flight is integrated with Dropbox, so before a presentation, I convert my PowerPoint and Excel files to PDFs and store them in my Dropbox account. Then, I use the app to send an e-mail invitation to the attendees, or "passengers," who are prompted to download the app and join the presentation. As I flip through PDF pages and zoom in and out of graphs on my iPad, attendees see what I do on their own devices. They can also download the presentation to reference later if you allow it.

Idea Flight also makes networking easy. When attendees sign in with their LinkedIn or Facebook account, the Passenger List is automatically populated with their picture, name, title, and company. Passengers can browse this list and tap to add people to their network.

Idea Flight's Enterprise version carries a one-time $9.99 fee, which lets you become a presentation "pilot" and get all future updates.