Your tablet's touchscreen is truly a thing of wonder--that is, until you need to type anything longer than a quick note on it. A seperate keyboard could be your solution both for more efficiency on the go and less pain at home. Here are four to consider:

Verbatim 2nd Generation Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard

Best for: Frequent travelers

This 9-ounce wireless keyboard folds in half, forming a sleek unit the size of a paperback book. It opens easily, with the pop of a button, and features large, flat, plastic keys bigger than a MacBook's. It types softly and easily for a portable device, and it includes special function keys (Power Off, Cut, Copy) and media-control keys. The Bluetooth connection was stable and responsive in our test and never disconnected. A leather carrying case and slide-out smartphone stand are included. The device runs on batteries only.

Cost: $79.99 

Belkin Keyboard Folio for iPad 2

Best for: iPad fans

This rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard comes with a grippy faux-suede iPad case that you can fold to configure for typing or viewing video with the keyboard hidden. It weighs 1.3 pounds with the case. The plastic keyboard, which also includes media Play and Pause keys, feels somewhat cramped and flexes under firm pressure. We had no problem with disconnecting or slow response when using Bluetooth. An included cable lets you recharge the keyboard via the iPad.

Cost: $99.99

Matias Tactile One keyboard for iPhone & PC /Mac

Best for: Multitaskers

Featuring deeply set, well-molded, loud-clicking keys, this keyboard has an old-school sound and feel. It's super-responsive, with just the right amount of resistance. It also features a rubber-padded holder for your iPhone (Android phones are also supported). You can connect via Bluetooth to your phone and toggle between it and your laptop, taking the torture out of typing long text messages while being heckled by the iPhone's auto-correct feature. The Tactile has a comfortable tilt, sports a traditional numeric keypad, and connects to your computer using an attached USB cable.

Cost: $200

Logitech Wireless Solar keyboard K750

Best for: Eco-conscious desk workers

This thin, glossy desktop keyboard has two panels that charge the battery as you work, even inside "an office light provides enough juice. A free app gives detailed information on charge levels. The slightly molded, springy, and quiet keys are comfortably spaced, and you can adjust the keyboard angle using two foldout stands. Almost 4 inches wider than the keyboard of a 13-inch MacBook, the K750 includes a full numeric keypad and all the basic media keys. Made of PVC-free plastic, the device connects wirelessly via a small receiver (included) that plugs into a USB port on your computer.

Cost: $79.99