Assaf Wand founded the Palo-Alto, California-based Sabi to make heath and lifestyle products that would appeak to image-concious baby boomers. His first product line, Vitality, created with industrial designer Yves Behar, debuted in January and includes sleekly designed pill dispensers and water carafs intended to destigmatize taking pills in public. Next up for the five-person company are lines focused on home and travel. He told Inc.'s Judith Ohikuare about three products he wears and works with.

Bell & Ross BR123 Officer watch. Today, people use their cell phones to check the time, but I still like having this watch that I bought myself when I got my M.B.A. from the University of Chicago in 2005. A lot of people go for Rolexes with massive faces, but guys wear very few pieces of jewelry, and I didn't want to be too loud. I wear it all the time--at the gym or running outside--but it also works well with nice business suits, and I've never had to replace the durable leather band. cost: $3,300

Design Within Reach, Tolomeo desk lamp. I usually get up around 4 a.m. to take a shift with my 1-year-old son. Afterward, I check e-mails, phone my director of marketing in Israel, and then make a few calls to retailers on the East Coast before noon. It's nice to have a pleasant glow when you're getting up that early. I've had this lamp for years at home and later got several for the office. The classic but modern design fits gracefully in both environments. cost: $420 

J.Crew cashmere regent peacoat. The West Coast is always more casual and a little colder than you think. Sabi isn't a formal company at all, and I rarely dress up unless I'm meeting with retailers. This coat is perfect for when I take trips into chilly San Francisco during the week to meet with my designers and branding strategists. It's not as flashy as a Burberry trench but is still distinctive and well designed. You can wear it with a button-down and jeans and still look put together. cost: $1,250

Product-design tip: "Checking out comments on Amazon is a great way to do market research," says Wand. "You can get an immense amount of data on what you should or shouldn't do with similar products you're planning. I looked at both good and bad reviews for the top 50 pill dispensers and pill organizers, which was free, instant, and easy. It can also help a lot when you're devising questions for focus groups or other market research."